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Yeh I’m in need of a bit money and even though I’m not a fan of commissions, I’ll give it a try. Opening only 2 slots for now (and 2 extra slots reserved for avatar/banner/bust drawings only because they’re quick to do), it’s possible I’ll open more if people are interested.

My paypal is

Pick whatever you like from sections (A) and (B) (sections (C) and (D) are optional) and send me an ask with what you want.


(A) Sizes
1. avatar/banner 3€
2. bust 5€
3. waist 7€
4. full body 10€

(B) styles
1. sketch + 0€
2. outlines + 2€
3. outlines & black and white + 3€
4. outlines & flat colors + 3€
5. outlines & full color + 5€

(C) extra stuff
1. additional character/animal + 10€
2. fancy background (some really detailed stuff) + 15€
3. getting the original by mail: if you want me to draw with pens and ink and copic markers instead of drawing digitally, I can send the original picture to you by mail, if you pay for the shipping costs (I live in Germany)

(D) Specials
1. I’ll draw whole manga pages! And if you want me to, I can try to make them look like fake spoilers. One page, no matter the style or amount of characters or whatever is 50€
2. I’ll draw your OCs! No extra money, just the prices for size, style and extras. You need to give me enough info on your OC, like descriptions or reference pictures.
3. I’ll draw your OTPs! No extra money either, just whatever two or more characters would be according to the prices above.
4. I’ll draw NSFW stuff! Yeah, it’s come to this. Not for minors, obviously. + 5€ for NSFW stuff.

Series I feel confident enough to draw stuff for in either my own or the original manga/anime’s style:

One Piece
Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball/Z
Tiger & Bunny

If you want me to draw stuff for a series/game/whatever that’s not listed here it will be +5€ because I will need to gather enough info and reference pictures beforehand.

Well, this looks really freaking expensive, but in case you’d like a huge picture, like a color spread with all Straw hats and a detailed background in full color, you won’t have to pay a fortune worth a month’s rent. Just talk to me if you want something that’s not specifically listed here and we can discuss a price.

available slots:

[taken by zoenirvana]


[taken by mellieforyellie]

[open for avatar/banner/bust picture]

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And I’m sure he’ll do that in no time.

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Hey, when are you going to comeback? We miss you. ;_;

((I really miss drawing and posting here, too, but my life has been pretty exciting and busy during the last few weeks/months. I recently got a boyfriend and there’s a lot of work to do at my job… I’m sorry ; ~ ; I don’t know how much longer my hiatus will be, but since I really DO want to be more active here, I’ll try my best.

Also thank you to everyone who’s been sticking with me even though I tend to disappear from time to time… I’ll definitely pick this up again when I find the time to draw.))

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How I draw Robin - mini tutorial



Okay this is gonna be a pretty long post, so I’m putting this under a read more cut > u <)

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That… laugh….

Cheer up, my friend! Look, I’ll make a fishy-face for you!

I wonder how much more of this it takes until you try to murder me… oh wait, you can’t! I’m already dead, yohohoho! That means I can go on and on and on like this for all eternity!

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So harsh!!
I didn’t come here to steel anything, so please zinc about it again before you go nuts ‘n bolts on me!


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What do you mean, that’s not what you meant-

Scary? Who is?

No no no, stay here!

Anon-san, I-

I didn’t mean to