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Hey, when are you going to comeback? We miss you. ;_;

((I really miss drawing and posting here, too, but my life has been pretty exciting and busy during the last few weeks/months. I recently got a boyfriend and there’s a lot of work to do at my job… I’m sorry ; ~ ; I don’t know how much longer my hiatus will be, but since I really DO want to be more active here, I’ll try my best.

Also thank you to everyone who’s been sticking with me even though I tend to disappear from time to time… I’ll definitely pick this up again when I find the time to draw.))

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How I draw Robin - mini tutorial



Okay this is gonna be a pretty long post, so I’m putting this under a read more cut > u <)

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That… laugh….

Cheer up, my friend! Look, I’ll make a fishy-face for you!

I wonder how much more of this it takes until you try to murder me… oh wait, you can’t! I’m already dead, yohohoho! That means I can go on and on and on like this for all eternity!

((Mine is a GIF too - if you cannot see it moving, clicky here~))

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#You have 2 seconds to get your bony ass off my ship

So harsh!!
I didn’t come here to steel anything, so please zinc about it again before you go nuts ‘n bolts on me!


((Hey everyone, I decided to make a blog for Brook on the side because wow he’s so much fun to play xD I’ll keep answering a few questions here and then I’ll move over to askthesoulkingbrook, so please follow me over there if you want to see more stupid jokes on your dash! ♥ The askbox is already open, so feel free to flood it with questions u v u ))

What do you mean, that’s not what you meant-

Scary? Who is?

No no no, stay here!

Anon-san, I-

I didn’t mean to

T-that’s pretty straight forward, you know…

Ah, but I don’t even have lips to kiss you, yohohoho! I’m terribly sorry!




those certainly aren’t mine
It’s caesar’s.




“So that’s why it felt so breezy today.”


oh these are really soft-

We docked at an island and the girls went shopping with Zoro-san, which means they will probably be gone for a few days… And guess who left her computer unguarded? …Ah, maybe she did that on purpose to test us? In this case I already failed the test, yohoho!

Since it’s already too late, let’s see if lovely Robin-san is hiding something interesting on her computer… is there anything you would like me to find out?